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Completely Mental TC.jpg

Completely Mental

with Eric Walton

featuring Jon Stetson

February 24th @ 7PM
Doors open at 6PM

Completely Mental is a first-of-its-kind mostly mentalism variety show that features world-class mentalists from New York City and beyond, doing what they do best: performing incredible feats of mind-reading and mental dexterity that leave audiences speechless. Conceived and hosted by the award-winning magician, mentalist, and professional purveyor of mirth and mystery, Eric Walton, Completely Mental is an unforgettable evening of non-stop mental hi-jinks in which thoughts are divined, minds are read, and gobs are smacked.

Headlining the February 24th installment of Completely Mental at the Secret Room will be America's Master Mentalist himself, Jon Stetson. Jon is one of the most sought after mentalists in the country, and his unique combination of humor, intuition, and showmanship never fails to mystify and delight audiences of all stripes.

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