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Monday, March 24th @ 9:30PM (doors at 9)

Come see some of New York’s Hottest improv comedians do what they do best...improv! What'd you think, we were gonna juggle or something? Our top notch performers will be playing classic short-form improv games, made famous by the hit show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and yes we do involve some audience participation so come ready! Our comedians have been featured on NBC, ABC, Off-Broadway and more! This is sure to be a night you won’t want to miss..


Leanne Velednitsky

Leanne Velednitsky is an actor, writer, comedian, and forever a dancer 1st. She’s been seen in Puffs Off-Broadway, co-hosts a sold out monthly variety show, Backyard Show, and performs characters & stand-up all over NYC. She makes funny videos that have been featured in Whohaha and Funny or Die. @leannevely


Nick Carrillo

Nick Carrillo is originally from TX, but has been studying and performing improv and theater all over New York City for 12 years. He has studied at UCB, The PIT, and various workshops and festivals all around the country. He studied under the likes of Donald Glover and Neil Casey. He was part of a house team at The PIT since 2012, however in 2017 he had to leave his position as house team member to perform in the Off-Broadway hit "Puffs; Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic.” Puffs had a very successful 3 year run, and was recorded live where it can be found on iTunes and Amazon to this day. Beside being one of the original cast members of Puffs, Nick contributed to the published script that is being used for productions all over the world. Nick can be seen in commercials for NAPA, GEICO, LEXUS, and many others. He has been featured on NBC, VH1, Comedy Central, and truTV.


John T. Haller
John is an award-winning actor, award-winning software engineer, award-winning mathlete, award-winning little-leaguer, and award-winning participant in numerous summer camp activities. His life philosophy is Paragon from the Mass Effect video game trilogy. He is perhaps best known for singing the Tiny Tunes theme from the special summer episode live on Z100 before putting on his suit for his job at a corporate bank one morning.


Dana Shulman

Dana Shulman is an improviser, long distance runner, and cat mom.  You can find her running or improvising all over NYC but it’s real easy to find her teaching or performing at The People's Improv Theater.  Sometimes she does improv with her cat.  Feel free to keep up with her on Instagram: @onedanaatatime (improviser Dana), @followthatfannypack (runner Dana), and @murphyburger (Dana’s cat).


Jake Keefe

Jake Keefe has been performing improv for over twenty years and loved every single second of it. He's traveled all over the country performing, including hawaii, which yes was very beautiful. Jake has produced, wrote, acted, directed, and catered his own films. He has also sold things to you on television and online through his commercial work, and was part of the original cast of the hit Off-Broadway play Puffs. you can follow his food, travel, and great life moments on Instagram @Jakekeefecomedy. if you wanna see the bad stuff, then really be there for it ya know? Jake also wants you to know he LOVES dogs.

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